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garage services

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If you are looking for a garage services near you, you have come to the right place. Garage service is important for everyone nowadays. Whenever you face any type of vehicle issue, “Wheelz Automotives” is here to help you. Wheelz automotive garage service is here to protect your vehicle from any type of sudden issue. Wheelz automotive¬†garage service has multiple vehicle services in different areas of the UAE.

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In case you’ve been trapped in an emergency anywhere, our fixers will be there within 45 minutes. We are here 24hour7 days to solve any type of your car emergency requirements. Wheelz Automotives garge servies provides trained and professional towing services to handle all of your breakdown concerns.

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Basic Garage Services

Basic garage services such as visual inspection, oil and filter change, the critical fluids in the engine such as anti-freeze, brake fluid, washer fluid, and steering fluid , and towing service are the top services we have. 

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Wheelz AutoMotives Garage are the best garage services I ever taken.
Adam Sendler
Bank Manager
I stuck at night in grobal road and I call ed And they are their.Amazing services
Mila Kunis
I have been taken garage services for two years. Best equipment's Quality.
Mike Sendler


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Moreover, we have a comprehensive checklist process, where the technician performs a check from head to tail of the vehicle, which even extends to inspecting it for scratches and dents, and checking the pedals for any squeaks. Furthermore, to ensure the car is in the best condition possible, we check key components.


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Wheelz Automotives garage services has an expert team with the best equipment. Our team has both academic and practical experience in the services they provide. Wheelz automotive experts offer excellent customer service at great value for money. Whether you are looking for an MOT, repairs or any other motor maintenance service, our fully qualified and approved team of experts will work hard to make your car as good as new in no time. Our garage mechanics have vast experience diagnosing vehicle problems and can perform any mobile auto repair. Book online today and let us get rid of all your vehicle problems.

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