car flat tire and the tyre changing services in dubai

FLat Tire Repair Service

Too repairing a tire that is flat punctured or dropping stress is a time consuming task.  Hence your first thought is to take it to local auto service near you. We at Wheelz Auto Motives Garage provide home flat tire service. Our team will visit your house to provide Flat Tire Repairing Service.


Fixing your flat tire service immediately is very important as it can reduce the chances to buy a new tire because you can use the old one instead. It can be cheap and save a lot of money.


Punctures, cracking, or cuts

Uneven tread put on

Worn-down tread wear indicator bars

Bulges or blisters – those signal potential vulnerable spots

Stones or other debris embedded into the tread


Our team is well trained and experienced with years of experience. We are available 24/7 to provide service we provide the best vehicle repair and towing service all over UAE. With no wasting time our team will visit your house to survey & guide you about the issue as well as to resolve it with committed time. We are best service provider in dubai. We are giving quick response on first call in 24/7 in dubai. 


Wheelz Auto Motives Garage is always eager to go above and beyond to provide customers and fixers with what they desire and deserve. Wheelz Auto Motives Garage is committed to its objectives & was established with the goal of alleviating poverty and encouraging honesty and kindness. Our goal is to provide the most dependable and trustworthy home maintenance services. Wheelz Auto Motives Garage will satisfy the customers as well as provide an unforgettable experience with us. Wheelz Auto Motives Garage other objective is to hire experienced fixers and putting their abilities to serve customers. 


There are several reasons on road that you may face a flat tire or tire burst directly. The situation is because you are living in a city or country. Where the temperature is likely 50 degree high during summers. However tire is a source when you can drive your vehicle. If on road a tire is burst due to high temperature and a driver is hopeless and having no training of changing tire on road. Or may be the reason is your dress. For instance you are going for a meeting and faces tire burst flat tire issue.

How we help you

Such a worst situation when you cannot do a tire change because of your dress in official. So in that case you must take a look for help from on road persons or if you have internet access then you must search for nearby tire changers or online recovery trucks who can reach to you for a quick tire change help.

What worst conditions you may face while flat tire

1. You may lose your control while driving on high speed

During driver it is always necessary to have a good control on vehicle. But god knows better what is going to be next. Therefore always take precautions to avoid road accidents or losing your control when it happens. It is always suggest by experts that drivers should take tests of their vehicle tires before going to driver. This also can lead to the failure of breaking systems sometime and can also cause you much damage of your maintenance budget for vehicle. It may also damage your suspension systems. Though it is always necessary to avoid future accidents. Take precautions before its too late.

2.Your vehicle may get damage if in high speed driving and losing control

Wisely speaking if you are expert of driving and have good knowledge of driving vehicle on road than should take test. However if in high speed you face flat tire, then it may cause serious damages to your vehicle. Instance your vehicle’s suspension or breaking system or staring wheel may get damage seriously. Therefore it is advisory to stop when vehicle tires get flatted.

3.The rims of vehicle may get damage if after flat tire happens and you continue to drive

 It is obvious that when a tire get flat then the load of vehicle comes on its rims. Therefore we should be very critical to think if this happens than what should be our next step. However in any situation there are companies or people in business who can literally help you come out from damages. Like we are wheelz auto motives garage and we have number of Fleets. These fleets are well equipped with carriers and we can reach to your locations wherein you will find us helpful to recovery your car. As well as we will never ask for a higher prices if we help you. We have competitive prices for such services.

4.Tire may get more damage and may get unrepeatable if driver long after flat fire.

In order to maintain your tires life then we should take cares its mileage. Specially the life of a tire is depending on many reason. Like the suspensions are OK and in balance. Or if the tire is in good condition. However in many cases we find that a tire burst happens on road. But the drivers keeps driving to long distance due to finding a local help there. This increases the damages to vehicle as well as damages the tire too. So in case you find yourself tire flat of the vehicle. You can simply stop where you are and find local nearby help.

Precautions to step out from Flat tire situations

There are many reasons that can cause your tire get flat. So in such situations what should be our way to take precautions before it happens.

  1. Inspection of your tire.
  2. Putting an extra of spare tire
  3. If you notice your tires are flat before or 2 3 times earlier than get it replace.
  4. Put on tire changing kit within your vehicle
  5. Keep your vehicle’s tire air pressure according to season.

What may cause tire burst on road

  1. Screws or any nails are on road
  2. staples or sharp edge on road
  3. Scissors
  4. Leaks due to quality of tire rubbers or life of tire
In the end what we offer as garage or tire help

We know that we are always helpful. But since in this business we maintain our name to provide unwatchable services all over Dubai. Therefore we deliver quick response team to your location. We charge competitive and we keep your record so that we can contact you offer good pricing for future for any services related to our business.